This is a website filled with Mark Gerhard's so-called humorous writings.

How I Met The Guru takes you to India 1971-1972.

Seventy Three O'Clock is a sci-fi piece inspired by pandemic lockdown. Captain Kerfuffle is a story for kids about a pirate wanna be.

The Adventures of Jai and Gangadhar takes you back to 1969.

Woo-woo is a tale of impossible coincidence.  

Rich and Famous lets you visit with the stars at the Golden Globe awards.  

Get ready to laugh and then laugh some more.

What people said

"He's a real nut."      Ram Dass (Dr. Richard Alpert)

"Tiik hai. Jao".  Neem Karoli Baba Sant Maharaj

"He gets an A".     Ishmael Reed

"Nice fairy tales."   Isaac Bashevis Singer

"Pretty good, for a tabla player!"   Allen Ginsburg